Are you looking for me?

If you’re looking for M.C. Questgend, the transgender erotic author, some changes have taken place in my life and MCQ has made some very tough decisions.

For the last 6 years, I have written one story after another. Centered around romantic and sometimes stressful journeys of male-to-female transgendered individuals. It was my hope to entertain readers of my work and make a few new friends along the way. Mission Accomplished! I have done just that; but with the success of my writing, I have also discovered something more.

I thought writing would relieve a lot of the stress I placed on myself in just trying to be me, but it was a temporary relief and the pandemic and social climate in the world simply made things even tougher. I developed non-COVID related health problems and it gave me a new perspective on my life and I came to the conclusion to make some drastic changes in my life. In the process of making these changes, there were a few casualties – one of which is my published work.

I have new stories that I have finished up, but made the choice to hang on to them, sharing them with my closest friends who have helped me improve my writing over the years. As for my Amazon Bookstore Site, that will remain for a while, but this will be the end of MCQ, the writer. I will be working hard to be a better MCQ, the human being.

I hope you all understand and those who have remained close to me, you know how to stay in touch and I will do my best not to become a stranger.