The T-Girl Experiment: The Complete Series by M.C. Questgend

The T-Girl Experiment: The Complete Series by M.C. Questgend

The T-Girl Experiment is the three-part story of Alex who – aside from his family who begs him to settle down – enjoys the bachelor life. Despite the family interference at a distance, Alex continues to enjoy his free style life in the big city. During a recent visit back to his small hometown, he meets Gabby. Someone of incredible beauty and mystery. Their chance meeting instantly connected them, but when they go too far… too fast, Alex faces more than he realizes, and he must find a way to come to grips with the fact that his new relationship is somewhat of a lie.

Alex becomes torn by his previous bachelor life of numerous one-night stands and his hypnotic draw to Gabby. They keep their relationship and the truth about Gabby a secret from his family and friends and the two continue their relationship and begin to make plans for the future which includes them moving in together. However, their eight-month relationship is about to be tested, during a trip to Las Vegas where more secrets are revealed, and Alex learns that their private relationship was not so private after all, after he meets Gabby’s co-worker and friend Carrie.

Alex’s anger and disappointment in Gabby sends him home to lick his wounds and return to his former life – pouring time into his work – only this time he’s not looking for anyone to bed down with… that is until Carrie runs into him again. Alex now has someone new in his life. Someone who shares a common bond with him… Gabby.

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Loved the relationship of the characters, but they needed more than just sex and infidelity.

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