The T-Girl Experiment Volume 3 by M.C. Questgend

Romance Author

The T-Girl Experiment Volume 3 by M.C. Questgend

Alex and Carrie hit it off. Carrie’s abandoned her job and friendship with Gabby to devote herself to Alex. Alex continues to try and make sense of the feelings he has now… not just for Carrie, but his feelings about his encounters with Gabby. Carrie’s love for Alex has her not only accepting him, but has her begging to participate in his fantasies. So much so that she finds a unique way to suggest their relationship take a very quick next step. This adventure leaves their home for Las Vegas where Alex is slowly taking on the role he once dated. The question is… Can Carrie accept Alex for who he has become?

This is Book 3 in the T-Girl Experiment Series

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