The Temp Job

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The Temp Job

Out of the Pandemic has come solitude, inspiration and motivation as I found the drive to get behind the keyboard and continue to write. During this difficult time, I have written a number of short stories and a novellas that curled my toes and scared the hell out of me. One of my more recent titles is The Temp Job.

This short tells the difficulty of a couple facing a pandemic. For one, not much has changed, but for the other, the change has reverted him to a time where all he could think about was being someone else. Someone he always enjoyed looking at in the mirror. Kelly and Bill had been together for a while and she knew about Bill’s crossdressing not long after they met, but she starts to notice that he is dressing more since his business went under.

With his struggles and his isolated behavior, Kelly decides to give him something to do that will occupy his time. Kelly works for a large real estate firm and while most of the agents work from home, Kelly trains and manages the administrative staff at the corporate headquarters and decides to feminize her boyfriend and have him go with her to the office as her new assistant.

There is one problem though… when Kelly is called away from the office, Bill is left to fend for himself and meets someone new who takes a shine to him who figures out quickly that Bill is much more than he appears.

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