Twin Turnaround

Twin Turnaround

This short read tugged at me for a while and as I reviewed my journal of thoughts and ideas it seemed to call out to me. This short read is about inseperable twins Manny and Emily. As twins often do, they did everything together and in the process Manny developed a softer side and became as much Emily’s twin sister as Emily was to him.

The two grew up and Manny protected Emily through their teen years and gave up a lot to continue to protect her in college, but when Manny learns that Emily is not going to graduate from college on time because of a class she thought she dropped, Manny knew it would disappoint heir parents. Like a good brother should do… he protects Emily by filling in for her.

Manny’s conflicted ethics were outweighed by his love of his family and knowing what was at stake, he couldn’t risk the humiliated disappointment Emily would face. But Manny would have several tests to pass over those next few days. With his sisters help he would learn how to be her, but academic success was the easiest test to pass.

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