Who Is M.C. Questgend (ques-tioned)?

Romance Author

So, who am I? That’s a very complicated question to answer, but I will give it a try.

I was born in 1971 and traveled the country with my parents those first few years as an infant military brat. We eventually settled in South Texas and after a very secretive divorce between my parents, I was introduced to the world of alternative lifestyles. Call it a midlife crisis for my mother or just a rebellious streak she didn’t have a chance to live out as a teen, she tried to go back in time and took me with her.

In the process, I was exposed to a number of things no 10 year old should ever have to see. I was also connected to a woman whose goal was never to be alone and to ensure a “daughter” was never far away. Needless to say, my introduction into the world of crossdressing was not my choice. I endured the physical and sexual abuse over the next few years by ignorantly accepting my situation and in an attempt to protect my mother. As time passed, my acceptance became routine and eventually a necessity. I got to a point where I could no longer relax without dressing as a girl.

It certainly didn’t make me gay. Even with the molestation I endured during those early years, I made every attempt to be “normal.” As high school came to a close and I was preparing to head off to college, my special things had to come with me. After a tough year with roommates in the dorm, I was able to get a place of my own and had enough privacy to relax and explore further. My acceptance grew from accepting my past to accepting the present. My crossdressing became more than just a way to relax… it became a source of sexual pleasure.

As I look back at my life, I look at time period when I returned home after college as a bitter sweet time. I married because me and my first wife were out to prove we could do it, but we should have never married. The sweet part out of this was our two fantastic children. Between wife #1 and wife #2, I took some time to do some soul searching and exploration. I took some bad advice and listened to a “friend” who suggested I relive the nightmare of my childhood in an effort to see if I could really move past it. While I still think that was a mistake, it did provide me with a much more mature look at my life and who I really was. My sexual preference was no longer in question; nor was my belief that I was”sick” in some way because of what I chose to do in private. I was just different.

I married again some years later and while the relationship was a good one, I can’t say it is one either of us want and that is because of me… not her. People have told me not to blame myself, but the fact is that while it took sometime to tell my second wife about my lifestyle and my desire to keep it private, she did accept it as something in my past, but she has never been able to accept it as something that is part of my present.

My “day job” kept me on the move traveling the world and it gave me time to myself to explore my sexuality while maintaining a level of privacy. I had the opportunity to explore my past and it gave me the chance to look deep into the mirror and walk in that person’s shoes and examine my life and problems from a different perspective.

This can be a very stressful situation. Couple this with all of the other stressors in my world and it can be overwhelming at times. When the church and counseling failed, I turned to a different release and transferred the stress to the pen and keyboard. Writing erotic stories – some loosely based on my life as well as stories involving aspects of the LGBT community, a community and lifestyle I have come to privately embrace.

M.C. Questgend is a pen name used to protect my privacy and anonymity. The intent was to write stories that entertain, inspire and motivate – which are as much sensual and heartwarming as they are sexual and explicit.